Chai – the Sanjeevni in our kitchen

On my recent trip to the tea estates of Munnar (Kerala), I had an interesting encounter with a gentleman in the Tea Museum. At 75 years old, this guy was full of energy and was holding the crowd of about 50 tourists like the best public speakers on the planet.

His secret? TEA.

As told to us, Hanuman wasn’t carrying any magical herb mountain from India to Lanka, it was nothing more than a shrub of tea. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you already are a chai-fan like us, you have all the more reasons to love the magic brew and if you aren’t, well, we might just give you enough reasons to start now.

Ain’t no bond like tapri wali chai

Helps you quit smoking

Drinking green tea could help check the nicotine urge. Consistently tasting on some tea could likewise help neutralize the negative impacts of smoking and altogether help diminish the danger of lung cancer.

Stronger Bones

Regularly drinking tea could help protect your bones whether or not you add milk in it. On the other hand, studies suggest that green tea helps improve bone mineral density and strength. Research also recommends that regular consumption tea can help cure arthritis in older age women.

Healthy heart

Green and black tea is known to reduce the risk of heart related diseases such as heart attacks, etc. A normal “chai” can also help protect you against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. Additionally including tea to your daily diet could help control your cholesterol.

Stay fit and young forever

The antioxidants in all varieties of tea can help slow down ageing, thereby encouraging your skin cells to regenerate and repair themselves. Green tea when consumed as an after-meal digestive aid can help increase the body’s ability to burn fat. It can also help increment muscle and exercise endurance.

Helps you stay hydrated

Tea is the second-most widely consumed beverage after water. Research says that one cup of “chai” can actually be more healthy and hydrating than water despite all the caffeine. However, it’s important that you don’t consume more than five-six cups a day.

sun protection

Regular consumption of tea might provide protection from harsh ultraviolet rays. Studies suggest that green tea when applied topically can help reduce the direct effects of sun burn. Black tea when used in skin and beauty products can provide you enough sun protection.

Say no to acne

The antioxidants in green tea can help you fight acne and reduce any inflammation. Topical application of green tea can help decline the production of sebum and help to get away with oiliness. Besides, drinking chamomile tea can also reduce the severity of acne breakouts.

And lastly, here’s a handy chai guide – how to make it and when to have it by the amazing guy who I bumped into

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