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With most colleges re-opening after the summer, it’s time to pack bags and meet old friends (or make new ones ! ). We are here to make sure that you pack all the right things to last you till next semester in style. In this post we will deal with universal looks that you can wear irrespective of your gender.

The classic t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and retro glasses look. Instagram handle @blocvintage. Image source:

T-shirts, specially cotton tees are essential. Shop for colours like white, cream, grey, black or navy because they will gel with all of your wardrobe. Try pinks, pastels, sky blue, shades of red and orange if you love colours. T-shirts with interesting graphics and quotes will help your individual style statement and give you that edge from the rest. Pair your t-shirts with old and fading denim jeans (try bold colours !) or bermuda shorts. Also, you can not go wrong with a classy linen pant and a t-shirt that fits you well. Accessorize this look with sneakers in bold colors (Mustard yellow !), sporty watches and retro glasses. Below are some other looks from the internet that we love, and are great ways to stay cool and stylish this semester.

The indigo overalls from Tree of Life take the ‘overall’ trend to a whole new level. All credits to . Image Source :

Overalls are for everyone. Try brighter summer colours. We found this Image at WGSN’s tumblr. It’s a great blog to follow. Image Source :

Another amazing blog to follow is Wearabout on wordpress. This look was found there, did we mention we love stripes and purple ? Image Source / Credits :


We end this post with one of the greatest style advice I have ever got, Who Cares ?”
College can be tough, and you might or might not fit-in; just make the most of it, ask the right questions and persevere ! 


Author: Sukriti Suryavanshi

I am a fashion designer. Anime, comic zines, graphic novels, indie music, spoken word poetry, theatre and performances interest me. Travelling, food and beer are the reasons why I would have not given up on human life.
Most of my work deals with understanding gender & sexuality – observing their performance in everyday lives, and how they affect fashion. I also enjoy creating images or visual stories of personal experiences.
I am currently working as a Sr. Fashion Designer and Merchandiser at Kosha. Kosha is a travel wear brand based out of Mumbai, whose aim is to make every journey sustainable for the planet and blissful for the traveller.

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