Everyday Flawless Makeup Workshop

Hey Folks,

I am Neha Bajaj, a Human Resource professional, social enthusiast, and a woman of color. I firmly believe that being genuinely happy begins with self-love.

I can’t remember exactly when I discovered makeup, but one thing I know is that I have loved it ever since. What started as a simple fascination turned into an obsession. I used to put makeup on because I wanted to hide my flaws but eventually, I learned to love it because it makes me feel good about myself.

I learned basic makeup skills through Youtube but realized that I can never fully learn everything just by watching it on a screen. I never really thought of going to a workshop until I came across this page on facebook by Salonkhoj. I’m so happy that Salonkhoj and Makeup artist Bhavika Saluja came up with the “Everyday Flawless Makeup Workshop”. It was an amazing workshop experience.

This was a personal makeup workshop which focused on self-learning i.e, demo & practice. It was held at 3D restro Lounge, Malviya Nagar. The location and set up was perfect for the 6 hours – 3 hours tutorial and 3 hours practicing session. The workshop’s goal was to teach us everyday makeup for work or when hanging out with friends etc.,

Foundation Application

First is proper foundation application. I honestly think that this was the most important part of the workshop because a lot of people don’t take their time to understand what’s the right shade and how to apply and cover up things that they want to hide. It takes time to put on foundation and blending it properly.

Contouring & Highlighting:

Every face is different, which means the method can vary with each application. To help learn this, Bhavikaa taught this depending on different face shapes. One important tip she gave when contouring the nose is to connect the shadow to your eyebrows to make it look more natural.

Smokey Eyes

This was the part I was most excited about because I love to put on an eyeshadow! Since I’m learning, I can’t say that I completely know how to do it. Here, Bhavikaa went for neutrals and used a contour powder as an eyeshadow which was nice as she was also telling us ways to save money and that we can use products for multiple purposes as well.

To our surprise, we were served with delicious lunch which was arranged by 3D Restro Lounge just after the demo session got over.

Then we practiced for the next three hours during which some of us also had queries with Bhavikaa. She guided during practice session too.

At the end of the workshop, we were given exclusive giveaway gifts by Bhavikaa and Shefali and a Short and Curly salon’s voucher of Rs. 1000.

Overall, I absolutely loved the workshop.

It was an amazing experience. We were a select group of 10 girls so it was a bit intimate which made it even easier for us to talk, ask questions and to clearly see the makeup demo. I have learned a lot of new tips to enhance my daily makeover routine. I also appreciate the team behind the scene – especially Mohit and his co-photographer – they were very kind to everyone at the event. Personally, the event was a success. It was the first of its kind DIY makeup workshop in Pink City.

I really want to thank Salonkhoj as it is a help to a lot of people who want to discover good salons at an affordable price in Jaipur. For people like me who do not like to hassle for a good salon or for sessions like this, Salonkhoj is the best idea to log in. Thank you Bhavikaa and Salonkhoj for the best workshop ever!