2017’s Best Hairstyles for Men

The best new men’s haircuts and hairstyles for 2017 are here and we promise there’s something for everyone, including adult men, young boys, teens, and college guys! From straight, curly, and wavy hair types to thick and thin hair textures to short, medium and long hair lengths, the pictures below show off the most popular haircuts for men in 2017.

Pompadour Haircut

A disconnected pompadour is trendy right now. Hair is clipped close or faded on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top. This slicked back look is a jazzy quiff hairstyle that looks good on all men despite nationality. If you need a quiff haircut that feels new and different, go with the combed back pompadour that’s definitely trending upward.

Short Sides with Medium Length Hair on Top

This low skin fade is combined with a spiky side swept fringe and short textured hair in the back. Coupled with a cool beard, this look will make the girls swoon.

Classic Short Hair with High Skin Fade and Crew Cut

The crew cut is another short hairstyle that’s stylish yet easy to maintain. The high skin fade and line up also make this a clean look.

Textured Crop

This textured crop is one of the top mens hair trends of 2017 and also one of the best haircuts for boys. It works for every hair types and tames wavy, curly and thick hair.

Long hair + Fade

In addition to men’s hair trends, longer hair on boys is a huge trend. This messy slick back combines those two with long hair on top and faded sides. Keep hair out of the eyes with a touch of product or by pulling hair back into a samurai bun.

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7 Hair Styling Problems Every Girl Will Relate To

Taking care of your hair is alone is one hell of a task. Add styling the hair to it and voila! you have a set of problems. While keeping your tame in a good health is important, styling them is equally important too for an awesome look. We all have had days when our attempts at styling our hair have failed miserably.

Here are 7 Hair Styling Problems Every Girl Will Relate To.

waking up early


Want a super fancy hairdo for office or college? You have to wake up earlier than everybody else so you’ll have enough time to do your hair. Leaving the warm bed every morning is another task altogether.

hair curling is no fun

The perfectly curled hair definitely make you look like a million dollar but we all know its no fun. The process is long, painful and boring. Plus all the burn marks a simple mistake leaves on your hands and face agh! 

Experiments do go wrong

We all at some point or the other have gone under major hair colour experiments and they have gone horribly wrong. Sometimes it’s your decisions or sometimes its the hairstylist that doesn’t listen and you end up with a totally different hair colour.

styling while sleeping

We all are guilty of trying various methods of curling/straightening or just styling our hair while we sleep at night. Sometimes by putting it into braids or sometimes sleeping with a towel on. Well, results are mostly hilarious.

the shock after a haircut


The initial shock of a brand new haircut is priceless. We all have locked ourselves inside the room and denied of getting out because what looked cool on your favourite celebrity actually ends up looking stupid on you.


Clicking on a YouTube hair tutorial, seeing that it’s seven minutes long and requires more than one bobby pin. Following it than giving up and have hair looking like this. We all have walked around with a nest on our head.

cutting the bangs

Bangs do look cute and we can’t agree any more with it. But the horror of cutting your own bangs is merciless. We all have tried doing it either as a child or a style goddess and have failed at it that too quite bad.

We all have been here and done these all. Are we right or are we right? Tag your mates and share it with your pals. A little laugh and hair horror stories are what you need to know today.

Men! Look dapper this Diwali!

Fellas, Diwali is here and you need to attend a lot of grand parties. However, your wardrobe probably reminds you just how little you’ve invested in ethnic wear. And with the wedding season also around the corner, there’s probably no better time than now to go all out.

The great thing about Indian ethnic wear for men is its universal appeal. No matter how your body is built, you can always rely on a well-cut kurta, for instance, to make you look your best.  So, we’ve got your back with these uber cool Diwali dress ideas for men –


Kurtas for Diwali are considered the most comfortable outfit for men. They look comfortable and soothing, give a chill look and are easy to slip into. But for them to look good, it is important that you pick the right length. Khadi and Silk Kurtas are right now in trend. You can pair your Kurta with Salwar or Churidaars or team them up with your favorite denim, comfortable sneakers or Nehru jacket/bomber jackets. Complete the entire traditional Diwali outfit for men with Kolhapuris and there you have it!


Why not do it in style? When you are looking to wear something which is truly traditional, dhoti is the go-to option. It is traditional yet super trendy. And mind you when we are say dhotis, don’t confuse them with dhoti pants; with dhotis we mean the traditional ones. If you are planning to wear a dhoti then try pairing it with a short achkan. With this combo, your look will truly stand out from the crowd.

Indo western

Of course, we don’t want to miss the charm of Desi power dressing for men but a modern silhouette twist makes it look contemporary. Metallic kurtas/ coat look amazing when paired with classy monk strap shoes. Also, a linen jacket will look absolutely fashionable with silk kurta & your favorite casual chinos.

Bandhgala/Jodhpuri suit

Invest in a smart Bandhgala aka Jodhpuri suit. They look oh-so-amazing, are versatile and add up to your style quotient. But, don’t make the mistake of buying the velvet or synthetic ones. Instead, go for cotton and light woollens. You can also give it that royal touch with getting embroidery done. Pair it with well-fitted trousers and you’re ready to rock!

pathani suit

Want to be in limelight? Wear a pathani suit. Super traditional, comfy and easy to find! If you’re in the last minute fix and literally have no time to think, turn to the Pathani suit. It suits every body type and can be styled as you like – if you like the rugged look, opt for an all black Pathani suit, or solid colors at the most. If you fancy a very chilled outlook, opt for muted or pastel shades.

What are you waiting for, go shine yo!

Importance of hairstyle

It takes no rocket science to figure out that Hair is most noticeable part of your body! Says, a lot about you and your personality. It’s an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. A bad hair day is just a bad day. Period

However, most people tend to neglect their hair and instead concentrate on their face and physique. Guys and girls, you both need to understand the importance of hairstyle and the difference it can make!

HIghly-visible asset

They say hair is the crown you never take off! Indeed.

Sits on the top of your head so basically, you can literally be spotted, judged or rated on the basis of your hairstyle. Why is hair an asset? Unlike most of our body parts, it can be easily managed or changed. You can’t change other physical traits like facial structure, features or height but you can definitely change your hairstyle.

defines who you are

Ever wondered why we ask for hairstyles of our role models. Well, because it represents their character. Your hair is as important as any part of your body. It gives you personality and character. Want to look like an Emo? A Rockstar? A Model? Or perhaps a Sports star? Have your hair done and you’d surely look like the character you most want to be like.

confidence booster

We are not exaggerating when we say a good hair-do can do wonders to your personality & confidence level. With a good hair-do, you will feel more in control of yourself and gives you the x-factor you crave for.

Hairstyle can be a head-turner

One can literally make a statement with their hairstyle. A distinct haircut or hairstyle makes a person stand-out. You can be rest assured that with the right hair-do, people will stop and notice wherever you will go! Still, don’t believe us? Try for yourself and you will definitely thank us later.

Enhances your features

Picking the right hairstyle and color that matches the shape of your face and complements your skin color and features can make a person go from oh… to wow! You can flaunt your features, highlight the good part while concealing some not-so-good features of your face and body with the right hairstyle and haircut.

Monsoon must haves – Footwear

The rains have arrived and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to pack away your leather and canvas shoes and get ready for the monsoons. But there’s no need to dread ruining your look with ugly monsoon shoes because we have some funky choices just for you.

Kitschy Flip-Flops

Who says flip-flops are just meant for running errands? We say, if you wish to give yourself a peppy look, opt for the tip-tap-toe flip-pies. From candy colors to crazy designs, flip-flops these days lend you a cool, carefree look for the chic and cutesy appeal. Remember to wear them with funky outfits and offbeat accessories.

Rubber or plastic shoes/ballerinas

During this weather, it is always highly recommendable to purchase footwear procured using rubber or plastics in the upper or outsole. Rubber outsoles are anti slippery and would prevent the feet from slipping and adventitious injuries. The synthetic uppers resemble leather but this synthetic material can be cleaned using a damp cloth which prevents the footwear from deterioration. These would be highly durable and flexible providing anti slippage properties.


Crocs are a better option for the rains. They are essentially rubber, and their grip is also better, so they won’t slip from your foot when both are wet with rain water. Colourful options with holes on top make them a style statement for monsoon.

With a formal outfit, you can wear sandals with straps as they would be firm on your feet. Go for slip-resistant sandals and check that your wet feet don’t slip even inside the footwear.


  • Avoid wearing heels in rainy season. But, if you just cannot resist wearing heels then go for slip-resistant sandals of heels not over 2 inches.
  • Avoid wearing leather footwear as much as possible since the material gets easily infected with fungus and bacteria. They have a tendency to support bacteria because of the moisture.Still have passion for leather footwear, look out for Waterproof shoes. The waterproof range of well-known brands is quite stylish and perfect for a rainy day.
  • Formal shoes made of waterproof leather and shoes with foam base that are odor-resistant are a huge hit with office-goers.


My last post talked about small to mid length hair and how to maintain them. It is no easy task but with some perseverence, you can get through…

Now, that you are at this stage – your hair looks nice and long and you know the basics of haircare – here are a few styles that might work for you:

The Man Bun

Longer hair for men has become mainstream and with it came the man bun.
But if you’re wondering what is a man bun, well, to the uninitiated, it’s a cool alternative to the ponytail for pulling long hair up and back. A bun it a twist or loop of hair. It can be worn high on the head, low towards the neck or somewhere in between.

The hipster manbun

The mid mounted hipster man bun gives you a funky look

This style, in particular, is usually combined with a hipster beard: the shaggy and messy type of beards that right until 2011 were not trendy at all.
As you hair gets longer, it becomes more important to make sure you’re looking after your locks properly.

The full bun

The top mounted full bun can look elegant in any situation – be it sports, professional or at a rock concert!

The full bun is what we’d consider a textbook man bun. The full bun uses all the hair on the head to make the bun; thus, when styling your manbun, you will be grabbing all the hair on your head (sides and back included) and be tying it all into a single bun.

So, here’s a little recap

How to Grow Your Hair Out

  • Don’t avoid barbers – Despite what you may hear, not getting your hair cut at all is bad. Get those split ends tidied up
  • Look after your hair – Use good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair moisturised and healthy
  • Use a product to style – Depending on your hair thickness and texture, use wax or clay to manipulate your style
  • Find the right length – Depending on the look you’re going for, keep the back and sides at a mid length with something like a number five haircut

And there you have it folks! Some tips to help you grow your hair out into the perfect look. Until next time! Ciao

Men’s Grooming: The long and short of hairstyles (Part 1)

Long hair has been in fashion since decades – from Aryans, Chinese, aborigines to the native Americans – long hair has often symbolized virility and strength. As modernization dawned, long hair went out of vogue – at least for men. However, since a few years, longer hair has again made its way into the male grooming routine – it just needs proper maintenance.

The French Crop Haircut

If you want to grow your hair out, we are here to help – the basic idea is to know how to style your hair during its growth process.

The French Crop Haircut

This is the low-maintenance but trendy men’s haircut. A twist on the classic, military Caesar cut is all that it takes to get this stylish and easy look. If you are wondering how to grow out short hair then start by keeping the back and sides of your hair extremely short with something like a number one haircut.

Mid-Length Hairstyles

This is probably the most frustrating part of growing your hair out. After a while, your hair will find itself in an awkward area between being short and long. Though you are in the process of growing hair, you need to go for trimming so that your hair will look healthy, neat and retain shape.


Quiff Hairstyles

Think of a quiff when you’re wondering how to style short hair while growing it out. Short back and sides with long on top is the perfect solution to that awkward middle stage of growing your hair.

To be the aplha wolf of your wolfpack, let Kit Harrington show you how to sport a curly long mane. Keep watching for the next part in this series to read about other styles for longer hair!


Basic Essentials : Smart Casuals

Smart casuals have become the new-age work wear for major corporate giants like Google, Facebook, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Infosys and more.

Smart casuals is a very ambiguous dress code and may vary extensively with different localities, contexts, cultures, and events. For this post, I draw inspiration from my own experiences of the work culture at Kosha (an Indian label for all things travel based out of Mumbai).
Essentially, smart casuals’ is nothing more than your best casual clothes and accessories. Pick anything that is comfortable, functional, lets you express your style and makes you feel good. There are no gender, colour and fit restrictions. If you prefer a flowy top, or a curve-hugging dress, or bright summer colours all of them are great for daily work wear. 
But, what about tomorrow’s important presentation, or an interview, or that crucial business meet?
If you would like to dress up (or down, your choice) for a particular event, here is my go-to guide.
If you wear jeans and t-shirts or polo shirts to an office, just throw on a blazer and you are good for any meeting or interview. Focus on your grooming and shoes. Nice sneakers are as good as formal monk straps, heels or oxford shoes. Check if your nails, hair and make-up are how you want it to be. Add accessories like watches or rings and necklaces if you prefer them, or if they make you happy and more confident. Make sure that your bag compliments your look and it is able to carry all that you require. Check out this video by The Idle Man on how to sport the look. However, even though the video may address it as a male-only attire, the look is too classy to be gendered. 
If you prefer skirts, woven tops and dresses for your daily work wear, you are already in vogue. Coordinate your wardrobe to achieve a look that compliments your style and personality for a particular event. Personally, I prefer cotton, linen and other natural fibres for this look. 

Image Source: http://www.bedazelive.com/the-top-blogger-looks-of-the-week-8/

Image source: Cad & Cloth https://www.pinterest.se/pin/295056213073691292/


Image Source : @maria_bernard on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHUVZOihVJk/

All of the looks above are good for daily work-wear. Team it up with a stole or summer blazer for a presentation or an important meeting.  As mentioned above, focus on your grooming and shoes. 

In the looks above, we have focused on summer or tropical climates. For colder seasons layering of woollen coats, cardigans, sweaters, mufflers, caps, etc. becomes important. We will do another post on winter smart casual looks soon!

Until then, tell everybody at your workplace to buy pink clothes

Basic Essentials : College

With most colleges re-opening after the summer, it’s time to pack bags and meet old friends (or make new ones ! ). We are here to make sure that you pack all the right things to last you till next semester in style. In this post we will deal with universal looks that you can wear irrespective of your gender.

The classic t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and retro glasses look. Instagram handle @blocvintage. Image source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BI2PBiHBt4H/

T-shirts, specially cotton tees are essential. Shop for colours like white, cream, grey, black or navy because they will gel with all of your wardrobe. Try pinks, pastels, sky blue, shades of red and orange if you love colours. T-shirts with interesting graphics and quotes will help your individual style statement and give you that edge from the rest. Pair your t-shirts with old and fading denim jeans (try bold colours !) or bermuda shorts. Also, you can not go wrong with a classy linen pant and a t-shirt that fits you well. Accessorize this look with sneakers in bold colors (Mustard yellow !), sporty watches and retro glasses. Below are some other looks from the internet that we love, and are great ways to stay cool and stylish this semester.

The indigo overalls from Tree of Life take the ‘overall’ trend to a whole new level. All credits to www.treeoflife.com.au . Image Source : https://www.thecoolhour.com/2017/01/take-bohemian-road-trip-tree-life/

Overalls are for everyone. Try brighter summer colours. We found this Image at WGSN’s tumblr. It’s a great blog to follow. Image Source : http://wgsn.tumblr.com/post/91371259964/the-overall-comeback-spotted-at-bread-butter

Another amazing blog to follow is Wearabout on wordpress. This look was found there, did we mention we love stripes and purple ? Image Source / Credits : https://wearabout.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/param/


We end this post with one of the greatest style advice I have ever got, Who Cares ?”
College can be tough, and you might or might not fit-in; just make the most of it, ask the right questions and persevere ! 


Summer classics to keep you in style :)

In the list of timeless fashion statements, Rajasthani / Kutchi pallete will always have a prominent place. It is hard to go wrong with nomadic prints and earthy tones and we are far from the times when our color choices were limited to natural pigments.
So, this spring/summer go bold with tribal prints which bring out your inner gypsy.


There’s a shade of red for every woman  – Audrey Hepburn.
And how true is that! Even if you don’t like wearing bold colors, red is a classic. Playful hues of red mixed with mirror work can help you stand out of the crowd while being sober all the way. Layer it with an earthy suede jacket to complete the “I’m an artist rooted in culture” look.
Block prints and patch work make a huge fashion statement.You can pair it with denim shorts and a lambani craft styled open jacket. Feeling bold? go for a short black dress for an effortless yet put together look. A brunch / second date outfit which can’t go wrong.
While I’m here to help, only you can write your own (style) statement. For now, beat the heat with your colors and stay in style!