Hair Spa – The treatment your hair needs

Dry, frizzy, dull hair is a big no for all of us. And hence it is essential to nourish it. We all have protein-rich foods, give oil massages, use good shampoo-conditioner and hair products. But in a country like India with pollution, sunlight and stressful lifestyles, it is essential to take good care of your hair. And what’s better than a hair spa! After all, your hair needs pampering.

Here’s a guide to know why hair spa is good.

Get Them Smooth Locks

The one thing you will not be able to get over is how soft and perfectly conditioned your tresses feel after an hour-long indulgence in a spa. The main aim of spa treatment is to soften your hair from the base and nourish your strands, so that coarse and rough edge is completely removed. Hair spa conditions your hair follicles and also helps regrowth of hair. It rehydrates the scalp as well. The best thing is that the impurities which get trapped in the follicles are removed and your scalp and hair are completely clean.

Say no to Dandruff

There are a number of different spa treatments for dandruff control. Dandruff is caused due to various reasons, like hormonal imbalance, pollution, dry scalp and bad hair care. Luckily, the spa treatment aims to rectify most of these causes except the hormonal issue, well duh-uh. A good spa treatment will keep your scalp dandruff free for a long long time.

Hairfall control

Spa treatments with time reduce the amount of hair fall. The multiple oils and massage leave your hair healthy. It makes the hair follicles stronger and the hair strands become thicker and therefore the reduction in hair fall. For someone going through a heavy hair fall, a spa 2 times a month could be a saviour.

Healthy Scalp

Most of us obsess over hair types and hair woes and forget where it grows from. The scalp has to be maintained with equal care for hair growth and quality to enhance. That is exactly what a spa treatment aims at providing. The balancing of oil secretion is essential to minimise hair issues. Also, the steam and massage helps in regeneration of new cells and open the pores on the scalp.

Manageable Hair

Nourishing and moisturising the scalp of one of the functions of hair spa. Well, beautifying it is other. The spa treatment makes your hair a lot more manageable, healthy and of course beautiful. With regular hair spa, you’ll have hair worth a glance and that hair flip shot of yours will always be perfect. #Lifeproblemssorted

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