I am a fashion designer. Anime, comic zines, graphic novels, indie music, spoken word poetry, theatre and performances interest me. Travelling, food and beer are the reasons why I would have not given up on human life.
Most of my work deals with understanding gender & sexuality – observing their performance in everyday lives, and how they affect fashion. I also enjoy creating images or visual stories of personal experiences.
I am currently working as a Sr. Fashion Designer and Merchandiser at Kosha. Kosha is a travel wear brand based out of Mumbai, whose aim is to make every journey sustainable for the planet and blissful for the traveller.

Samriddhi Sharma
Bonjour ! Hola ! Hi ! Namaste all! This is Samriddhi Sharma…I happen to be a Fashion Enthusopi.jpgiast graduated from The National institute of Fashion Technology department of Fashion & Apparel design.

In this cynical world full of collisions of emotions I reside in my own little world full of dreams that lay fathoms above & a hope in the deepest corner of my heart to achieve them. A little skeptic yet like water..ever flowing and settling with all the seasons alike. A little sugar, a lot of spice & everything nice. I strongly believe that a little effort to dress up & make a difference in our own life is worth the shot! Because your clothes speak louder than you do. Being in style doesn’t mean spending a bomb on clothing and Fashion but it’s more of being comfortable with who you are. Fashion fades with time but style always remains eternal. Spending money is A-Ok with me but I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet. We all need to slap on some armour to deal with our boring mundane life. An armour called Fashion. Follow me and be your best for we live only once. Live. Love. Hail Fashion. ❤