Beard mistakes you should avoid to get that dapper look

Have you just started growing a beard? Or maybe you’ve been keeping one for a while now? Chance are, you might have fallen into some awful beard practices without even noticing it. Growing a beard is more than just not shaving, you need to take care of it appropriately.


Try not to pull out troublesome hair

While fiddling around with your whiskers, you may feel a few hairs developing in peculiar ways or locate a couple of bunches. Fight the temptation to haul out these uncontrollable hairs. When you do this, your whiskers will begin diminishing in those zones you nit-picked at. 

On the off chance that you discover ties, don’t simply haul out the entire bundle. Typically in the event that you delicately push your fingers between the hairs and precisely unknot the hairs, they will loosen up themselves normally.

For an ingrown hair, use tweezers. To start with, put a hot towel all over to open the pores. Snatch it as close as conceivable to the base, to haul out the entire globule. Yanking it from the top will make the hair split.


Don’t over-wash your beard

This is one of the good practices that can go bad if exaggerated. When you over-wash, you are keeping your whiskers from normally developing basic oils. These basic oils help avoid dryness – both for your whiskers and your face. You’ll begin battling different issues, for example, “beardruff” in the event that you over-wash. You shouldn’t wash your whiskers more than twice per week.


Do Not Over-Comb Your Beard

Once more, it may appear like a smart thought, yet it can cause more damage than good over a long run. You need to keep your whiskers fit as a fiddle and looking stunning, yet extra combing will develop split ends and kill some of the hair prematurely. You may likewise be using the wrong brush or brushing erroneously. You ought not settle your beard more than three times each day, even just twice a day will get the job done. Fix it in the morning, check it early afternoon and afterward again before you go to bed to ensure no bunches formed during the day.


try not to Stroke Your Beard Too Much

This one may feel like a blameless propensity, it is amusing to feel proud of your beard. In any case, the issue is that your hands have oils on them that could cause skin break out. Also all the concealed germs. In the event that you battle with a dry skin, the stroking could likewise cause beardruff.

Before keeping an eye on your beard with your uncovered hands, ensure they are clean and that your face is moisturized.


Don’t Trim Your Neckline Too High

This one is increasingly an interest from the general population who need to gaze at your face throughout the day. Trim it too high and you will make an optical hallucination of a pudgy face. Yes, the opposite you’re endeavouring to accomplish. You have to make a neck line that looks regular. A neck area too low will likewise look strange.

The most straightforward approach to make sense of where your neck line should complete, is by putting your record and centre finger close to the highest point of where your Adams apple begins. The highest point of the two fingers is the place your neck area ought to be. This will look best on most men, however in the event that it appears to be too high or low, change it until the point that you feel good and looks great.


Good Beard Practices

Since you recognize what not to do, here are a couple of things that you ought to do. In case you’re not kidding about growing a marvellous beard, you’ll need to invest some energy to support it. Else it will simply seem as though you’re excessively lethargic, making it impossible to shave.


Get the nearest shape

Need a super-close trim? At that point you must put resources into a conventional straight razor. This razor will trim down the hair considerably nearer than a typical expendable razor. Utilizing a straight razor will likewise give you more control over the chiselling procedure. You may feel very apprehensive first and foremost about slitting your own throat, however you will rapidly get accustomed to it.


Get the right tools

Together with the straight razor, there are a couple of different apparatuses you have to buy while setting out on your whiskers growing journey. For trimming, you require the right and good quality scissors. You additionally need to get an appropriate whiskers brush or brush. Also, a tweezer to manage those ingrown hairs that fly up once in a while.


Pamper Your Face

No, it won’t transform you into a weakling on the off chance that you take great care of yourself. Put resources into great whiskers items, you can’t simply utilize a similar cleanser you rub on your set out toward your face. The skin underneath your facial hair is substantially more delicate than your scalp. To keep up the facial hair in a decent condition, buy some whiskers medicine or oil. Shed your face once seven days to dispose of the dead cells and to keep up your skin in a decent condition.


Trim It to Make It Look Great Always

You may be going for the wild look, yet you should in any case trim your whiskers frequently. For long facial hair, trim it about at regular intervals or something like that. Before you heave at losing valuable length, there is strategy to the franticness. By trimming it, you’re disposing of frightful part closes. This will influence your whiskers to look and feel healthier. In case you’re wearing it short, trim it at regular intervals to keep up the look.


Eat Well, Sleep Well

You may consider the thought interesting, yet your way of lifestyle practice will be reflected in your whiskers growth. An adjusted and sound eating regimen will keep your hair and skin looking extraordinary. You could likewise consider taking a few supplements, for example, a B vitamin complex and biotin. However, it’s as yet easy to refute whether it truly works or not.  

A current report found that in case you’re not resting soundly, your whiskers development could back off. Absence of rest will likewise influence your resistant system, which will thus influence the state of your skin and hair.


Here’s some motivation for ya!

Are you using the right facewash

With so many types of skin, sensitivities, and issues, how do you even know if you’re using the right kind for your complexion? In fact, the one you’re using now may actually be causing you some major problems like irritation, oiliness, or excessive dryness. So, let us check for the signs –

So many options but so little information!

Shiny Skin

Regardless of whether it’s warm and damp or icy and dry, if your skin needs a smear not very long in the wake of purging, you’re most likely not utilizing a recipe implied for your oily skin. Peredo says to search for without oil definitions with ingredients that have shine retaining properties, as salicylic acid,  naicinamide, and mud. These pore-suckers will enable your skin to feel more good and look matte for more time. “Ensure the greater part of your cosmetics is without oil, as well—that is similarly as imperative.”



Each time you go out, your skin is presented to a wide range of poisons from auto debilitates, constrained air in structures, and the outside condition, says Peredo. This can cumulatively affect delicate skin and the abrasiveness of numerous chemicals— particularly anything inadequate—can turn skin rough and influence it to hurt. Make your face wash as delicate as conceivable to keep away from any further aggravation. Paredo prescribes picking a chemical detailed for delicate skin that is sans sulphate, (the regular fixing is cruel on touchy skin). Also, search for relieving fixings like oats and panthenol, the last of which is a calming form of vitaminB.


Excessive breakouts

In case you’re breaking out routinely, it’s an indication that your chemical could be doing significantly more work on your behalf. Search for washes containing benzoyl peroxide running somewhere in the range of 2.5 to 10 percent (contingent upon your recurrence of breakouts), and utilize white towels with the goal that the fixing doesn’t cause dye stains. On the off chance that your knocks are dependably on your jaw, this is an indication of hormonal skin inflammation. For this kind of skin inflammation specifically one should use a formula containing papaya extract. Papaya is mitigating, which helps calm the swelling of skin inflammation. It additionally contains papain and chymopapain, which are two natural antibacterial proteins that shed clogged pores, alongside the cancer prevention agent lycopene, which  is particularly useful for jaw zits.


Tight Skin

Does your face feel like it’s one size too little after you scrub? That is an indication that you’re utilizing a wash that is far too drying for your skin sort, says Peredo. You should never feel tight promptly after washing. Search for a smooth formula rich in ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Ceramides help repair the skin obstruction, and a sound skin hindrance implies that hydration remains in while dryness remains out. In the interim, hyaluronic acid is a standout amongst the most capable humectants accessible, which means it draws water commonly its weight into skin and ensures against hydration loss. just after tapping your skin dry, apply lotion so your dry skin retains as much moisture as possible. You may even need to skip purging in the morning to save regular oils on skin and simply scrub during the evening.


Constant Redness

In the event that your skin dependably seems you’re blushing, and you flush even redder after you cleanse, you may have rosacea. Side effects incorporate constant redness over the nose and cheeks, unmistakable veins, and a thick, rough surface that is now and then peppered with skin inflammation like knocks. Search for aroma free formulations with ingredients that fortify sound skin, as ceramides, glycerine, and hyaluronic acid.

Chai – the Sanjeevni in our kitchen

On my recent trip to the tea estates of Munnar (Kerala), I had an interesting encounter with a gentleman in the Tea Museum. At 75 years old, this guy was full of energy and was holding the crowd of about 50 tourists like the best public speakers on the planet.

His secret? TEA.

As told to us, Hanuman wasn’t carrying any magical herb mountain from India to Lanka, it was nothing more than a shrub of tea. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you already are a chai-fan like us, you have all the more reasons to love the magic brew and if you aren’t, well, we might just give you enough reasons to start now.

Ain’t no bond like tapri wali chai

Helps you quit smoking

Drinking green tea could help check the nicotine urge. Consistently tasting on some tea could likewise help neutralize the negative impacts of smoking and altogether help diminish the danger of lung cancer.

Stronger Bones

Regularly drinking tea could help protect your bones whether or not you add milk in it. On the other hand, studies suggest that green tea helps improve bone mineral density and strength. Research also recommends that regular consumption tea can help cure arthritis in older age women.

Healthy heart

Green and black tea is known to reduce the risk of heart related diseases such as heart attacks, etc. A normal “chai” can also help protect you against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. Additionally including tea to your daily diet could help control your cholesterol.

Stay fit and young forever

The antioxidants in all varieties of tea can help slow down ageing, thereby encouraging your skin cells to regenerate and repair themselves. Green tea when consumed as an after-meal digestive aid can help increase the body’s ability to burn fat. It can also help increment muscle and exercise endurance.

Helps you stay hydrated

Tea is the second-most widely consumed beverage after water. Research says that one cup of “chai” can actually be more healthy and hydrating than water despite all the caffeine. However, it’s important that you don’t consume more than five-six cups a day.

sun protection

Regular consumption of tea might provide protection from harsh ultraviolet rays. Studies suggest that green tea when applied topically can help reduce the direct effects of sun burn. Black tea when used in skin and beauty products can provide you enough sun protection.

Say no to acne

The antioxidants in green tea can help you fight acne and reduce any inflammation. Topical application of green tea can help decline the production of sebum and help to get away with oiliness. Besides, drinking chamomile tea can also reduce the severity of acne breakouts.

And lastly, here’s a handy chai guide – how to make it and when to have it by the amazing guy who I bumped into

Acquire a Professionally Styled look at Home Easily.


Observe these Steps
1. A worthy Shampoo and Conditioner
First and most important a good shampoo and conditioner is critical; this is one of the reasons your hair repeatedly looks improved and fine while leaving the saloon. Lots of men don’t use conditioner, as they consider it’s pointless, however, that is the first mistake.
A nice conditioner will smoothen down the cuticles of your hair and make it effortless to blow dry and leave it with a better end.
2. Buy a Hairdryer with a Nozzle
A good blow-dry is vital and another mistake made by lots of men. Ensure to procure a decent quality hairdryer with the facility to attach a nozzle to the end of the dryer and make sure you face the nozzle inside the path of the manner you need your hair to move whilst styled.
3. Include Brushing into your Grooming Routine
A decent quality brush will have a significant effect, most stylist’s support a Denman free stream brush or Kent brushes. Run the brush through your hair from front to back to help shape the hair into the style you need.
4. Spend Money on Trusted Products
Once the hair has been set and in place, it is all ready for the products.
Something essential to recall is “the better the hair looks before the blow dry, the better it will appear after applying the product”.
A typical error most men make is utilizing the wrong measure of the product, either excessively or too little – utilizing the product excessively can leave your hair looking oily, wet and the heaviness of the item can make your hair fall. It is suggested to read the product’s portrayal at the back of the jar for prescribed amounts; in any case, we would propose a ‘pea-sized’ quantity for a wax or glue and a ‘finger scoop’ for a grease.
5. Warm the Product and Apply from Root to Tip
Work the product between the palms of your hands covering the two hands and fingers. At that point, run the product through your hair enabling the hair to pull the product from your hands ensuring you apply it uniformly from roots to tips (this procedure can be rehashed if necessary). Re-brushing from root to tip will leave an exact and sharp wrap up to your hair.

Braids of Thrones- Westerosi hairdo for you

Daring Daenerys, cunnnig Cersei, mystic Margaery to our friendly neighborhood Jon Snow – love ’em or hate ’em, you just can’t escape getting enamored by their luscious locks!

With an exciting end to Season 7 of Game of Thrones, we bring you the choicest of hairdos that have kept us hooked. So brace yourself for all the (hair) twists and turns. These braids are so complex, you’ll need a lady-in-waiting to assist.


Daenerys Targaryen


Khaleesi is the Mother of Dragons, and if you ask me, the queen of braids. This half-up, half-down ‘do is deliciously elaborate, but somehow reads carefree.
Oh, and don’t forget to do as queens do.

Sansa Stark


Sansa’s signature braid makes a pretty Summer hairstyle and is easy to re-create. French braid the front sections of your hair backwards toward the nape of your neck, then join the two pieces and continue plaiting until you have just a few inches left at the ends. After securing with an elastic, untuck some face-framing strands for a more relaxed look.

Jon Snow


So of course we had to include it here. If you’re into that wet/sexy/curly look that can be paired perfectly with forlorn glances and a fairly weak accent, this is the style for you.

Cersei Lannister


Cersei Lannister’s pixie came with a huge price, as did her place on the Iron Throne. She might not be the most benevolent queen, but you gotta admit — that tiara does look amazing sitting atop her cropped cut.With her head shaved after the ultimate walk of shame, Queen Cersei Lannister has seemingly been keeping up with the cropped cut while serving the Iron Throne. Her hair should have grown longer by now—but the shaggy pixie suits her.



Missandei’s short curls were wrapped in golden string when she was serving The Mother of Dragons across the sea, but now that she’s at war in Westeros, she went for a practical twist instead.
So, there you go! #Gameofthrones